Working group 2 : Manufacturing and characterization of 3D-porous scaffolds

In charge of tasks 4: “Process Machining development” and 6: “Characterisation of parts”

The objectives of this WG will be:


  • the adaptation of manufacturing processes for 3D porous structures suitable to be used with materials developed by WG 1 with a close control of the external shape and of hierarchical interconnected porosity, and with the required mechanical strength to bear the biomechanical stresses existing at the implantation site
  • the characterization of the structural integrity of the developed structures using testing methods for macromechanical characterization


Leaders :


  • Prof. Jérôme Chevalier (FR) –
  • Dr. Hilda Mulvihill (IE) –


os - chevalier

Courtesy of J. Chevalier – INSA – FR