Working group 3 : Functionalization of implants for improved functional and therapeutic effects

In charge of task 7: “Functionalization”

This group will aim at:


  • studying the surface modification of 1) bone scaffolds to improve cell adhesion, loading scaffolds with growth factors, or therapeutic drugs with regard to release profiles and other in vitro studies; 2) conventional hip and knee joint ceramic implants to control and promote their osseointegration
  • developing ‘bioinert’ tough and strong implants with high ability for direct bone apposition by manipulating surface chemistry and topography, without degradation of the long-term structural integrity and the stability of the implants


Leaders :


  • Dr. Erik Adolfsson (SE) –
  • Dr. Norbert Schneider (DE) –


osteocondral - sprio1

Courtesy of S. Sprio – ISTEC – IT