The dissemination of the results of the Action is addressed to:

  • Researchers from universities, research centres and R&D laboratories working in the different scientific disciplines involved in the field of bone tissue engineering
  • Engineers from industries, active on the biomaterials market
  • Surgeons and clinicians in medical units
  • The general public, that needs to be informed about the new trends in bone regeneration and implants, in order to know how new developments in the field can increase their quality of life


The first and fastest way to get in touch with the largest public, and therefore the partners of NEWGEN is the Action‘s website. The website will be managed by the MC. It will be organised at several levels:

  • A public page will be available for all participants and general public. This public page will inform about activities of the Action (meetings, conferences, training school) and propose non-technical and technical articles to people.
  • The MC and each WG will publish a dedicated webpage, containing their specific reports and activities.
  • A restricted (secured) area will be available, only accessible to partners of the COST Action for internal communications.
  • Mailing network set up between the partners of the COST Action NEWGEN.
  • The creation of a public and restricted forum will also be discussed and implemented within the Action’s website.

Scientific publications by each WG in peer-reviewed journals and books will be strongly encouraged by the MC, as well as participation to conferences out of the COST Action. The subject of the work to be published or presented will clearly highlight the triangular interactions (researchers – industrials – surgeons). The MC will approve all work before publication or presentation. Non-technical publications by means of general journal and Press Releases will also be stimulated to communicate to the general public.

Action reports (as mentioned in section E and F) are also means of dissemination and parts of these reports will be published on the public Action’s website.

The last means of dissemination are the various events (described in previous sections) organised through the COST Actions by the MC and the WGs.

Both the MC and each WG leader will periodically identify particular conferences within the spectrum of interdisciplinary areas that that may become particularly appropriate for dissemination as a result of progress within a given group or groups or arising out of short term scientific missions (STSM) i.e. Ceramics, Orthopaedics Tissue Engineering, Biocompatibility etc.


The MC and the WGs will manage the dissemination through the periodical milestones described in the timetable in section F. The monitoring of the website will be continuously assumed by the MC during the COST Action duration, but the partners involved in the WGs will be invited and stimulated by their Leader to periodically actualize their dedicated webpage.

Depending on the subject and the opportunity, inter-partners publication or presentation will be encouraged by the MC.

Action reports and events are scheduled as mentioned in the timetable (section F).

The MC will evaluate the progress and scientific reports issued from the WGs and the scheduled dissemination plan can be adapted by the MC if necessary.