Working group 4 : In vitro evaluation of the performance

In charge of task 8: “In vitro testing”

The group will deal with the validation and reliability of the implants by in vitro prior to in vivo testing through a new three dimensional live bone model, by culturing cells and generating extracellular matrix within a biomaterial scaffold in a laboratory setting, will be developed, replicating bone tissue and allowing for material screening prior to in vivo studies. In the case of hip and knee joint implants, accelerated tests are needed to reproduce more effectively the different degradation mechanisms and their interplay in a multi-physics approach, in order to ensure superior reliability and lifetime.


Tasks 2 (”Medical assessment and environmental and industrial impacts”), 5 (“Whole process development”) and 9 (“Dissemination”) are specific to the whole Action and will be implemented in the work plan of each WG.


According to their activities and expertise, partners can be integrated to more than one WG. The network groups enough human and technical means to achieve the objectives of the WGs.


Leaders :


  • Prof. Fernando Jorge Monteiro (PT) –
  • Benjamín Fernández-Gutiérrez (ES) –


composite nanoHA - collagen - F Monteiro 3

Courtesy of F. J. Monteiro – INEB – PT