Reasons for the Action

The conception of a medical device (to be used in a surgical operation) is a difficult exercise implying a multidisciplinary approach, a medical certification and regulatory approval at each step of the conception and the scaling up and commercialisation, meaning the integration of the whole manufacturing process within industries and/or within a hospital environment. The COST Action NEWGEN will offer the opportunity for experts from academic institutes, research centres, industry, hospitals and medical units, the « end-users » of the developed biomaterials, to meet each other, to encourage mutual cooperation, to exchange and transfer their ideas and tools and finally to mix their skills and create synergies in order to lead to new scientific and technological progress and bridge the gap between researchers, clinicians who will be involved from the very beginning of the development and companies.

The Action is also aimed at European economic/societal needs. Indeed, any improvement in reduction of prosthesis decay and rejection, and reduction of costs for replacement of prostheses will have a strong impact on European societies and quality of life. NEWGEN also aims at fostering the development of European companies which are currently “stifled” by US majors